What We Do With Today, Really Matters!


Each person has an allotted amount of days in their lives. This amount can be adjusted by how we choose to live and take care of our bodies. But if we only have so many days shouldn’t we be living each one to the fullest? With the number of suicides going up and the average life span going down, over the last few years, each day counts!

How often do we say that can wait for tomorrow? Or I’ll get to it later when I’m not so busy? I will take that trip next year when I have saved up more money? I’ll call them another day when I have more time? We have each said these lines or something similar over time. In our minds our days are endless, but in reality the time ticks by so quickly we can get lost in the hustle and bustle of life, without ever really living.

Life should be an adventure! “The spirit of adventure motivates us to set goals, push ourselves, thrive in the face of hardship, and achieve epic feats.” Richard Branson. “If you’re not having fun then what’s the point?” We should be living each day with joy and happiness and adventure. We live such hectic lives we need to have time when we can let loose and have an adventure. Do something that brings us peace and joy, but also gets us out of our routine.

A great way to start introducing adventure into our daily lives is to start with weekend adventures. Take a road trip, have a night out, go hiking, have a day at the lake, something different from your daily routine, do something that scares you. My husband is always telling my kids they need to try things that scare them (within reason). For example if you are afraid of heights start small by seeing how high you can climb before your fear stops you. Try something new each day to push that fear aside. Work on overcoming that it so that fear won’t hold you back from accomplishing your dreams.

The ultimate goal is to be able to do something adventurous each day. Whether you start your day with something that gets you up and motivated or by ending your day with a little excitement. Push yourself to be the best you, and have some fun in the process!


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