Rest and Relaxation

Summer is a time for vacations, family, sun and fun. I’ve noticed as coworkers have taken time off work for various reasons over the last month that they tend to come back more exhausted then when they left. The vacation seems to take more out of us then actual work. Why is this?

Is it because we only get so much time (paid) off work that we feel we have to cram everything into each vacation? Is it that there are so many fun and different things to do we can’t choose? Or is it that we see everyone else on social media doing all these things and we have to keep up?Whatever the reason isn’t there a way to come back to work rested?

I find it difficult to relax. I start thinking of all the things that need to get done. I think that I’m being lazy. I think if I relaxing and others are working it isn’t fair. I have been trying to work on this way of thinking. Because in the end this is why so many people are burned out and exhausted all the time.

We have trained our selves to think we need to be constantly on the move. Never letting anything happen without us there. But as we do this are we really enjoying our time off? Or are we so exhausted we aren’t 100% there. We are still thinking of work, the next project, the next activity or a million other things we have running through our mind. 

How can we truly get rest and relaxation? We have to be present in each thing we are doing. Not just physically there but mentally also. We need to take care of ourselves. We have to make our mental and physical health a priority! 

So as you are planning the rest of your summer remember it’s ok to not hit every tourist attraction across the country in one trip. Take time throughout the year for small vacations or even a weekend away. But get away! Put down the phone and the social media and really look at the beauty that’s around you. Whether that’s nature, family, love, animals and etc.. really look at it with your eyes not through the screen of your phone. 

Take a day to just sit by the pool or read a book. (Don’t tell yourself that you need to pack everything you own to go to the pool for two hours.) Make your life a little more simple. Remember those things you really enjoy and do those things. Make your vacation more relaxing instead of running. Because that’s why you took the vacation in the first place was because you needed to get away. Make a list of priorities and do those things first. 

Love yourself and take care of your mind and body, it’s the only one you will get.


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