Give it Away

As a society we are in the business of collecting. Collecting money, cars, houses, jewelry, clothes, “toys”, antiques, jobs, things.

Ancient Egyptians believed they could take these collections with them into the next life. Therefore they were buried with their worldly treasures. As they have uncovered these ancient tombs of very wealthy and prestigious Egyptians, all their treasures remain in the tomb with their remains. So I will presume they were unable to take it with them.

Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t collect things that we enjoy and make us happy. We all need things. Money provides us with a roof over our heads, food on our tables and clothes on our backs, but what about those who do not have these luxuries? 

In our fast paced world how often do we stop to think of those less fortunate than us? How often do we donate food to the food bank? Or clothing and blankets to the shelter? What about thinking of those with unhealthy drinking water in third world countries? 

There is so much need in our world for basic supplies that we often take for granted. 

I admit I do not give enough of my time and  property. I want to do better. Because as we work crazy hours and feel the need to have better and more “things”, there are those out there that do not have that option.

I challenge each of you to give a little more of yourselves today then you did yesterday. Think of others more often throughout the day. Give someone a little extra time if that is all you have to offer. Take a less fortunate family a dinner. It doesn’t have to be a solution for homelessness (but if you have a solution that would be awesome!) a small step in the right direction can make a huge difference.

We can’t take our “things” with us so share them with others! You will feel the difference you make!


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