As I take a minute and look around I notice how much hate and negativity surround us. I wonder what happened to showing respect and kindness? On any social media site you will witness many kinds of disrespect, anger, hate and negativity. I’ve even noticed it when someone is posting something positive, someone will comment with a negative.

We have become a generation that hides behind our phones and computer screens with unkindness. But it isn’t only on social media. I see it driving down the road as people give others a lone finger gesture, or as people yell at each other for cutting them off. And the most devastating road rage that ends in violence all because someone felt the other person offended them with their driving.

It doesn’t stop there as we see shootings on the news or that friends have helped another commit suicide. As quarrels erupt within neighborhoods over property lines or noice ordinances or any other matter of things.

What has happened to us as human beings that we show anger and violence before love and kindness? Instead of patience we show impatience, instead of understanding we show jealousy. Where did respect for human life go?

The only way we can make the world a better and safer place is to start with ourselves. Our attitudes are the start to a magnificent change that could take place. When we quit being the victims and start taking responsibility for our actions we will start to change the world. 

With each kind gesture we make we will be bettering someone else’s life. No matter how small, a positive comment or action can set the ball rolling to a better world. When you want to react with a negative action make a conscious effort to stop it and reroute to kindness. Be happy for peoples success instead of angry because you haven’t progressed as far as you would like. Work on getting to where you want to go while helping others reach their goals also.

Showing respect for people and the world we live in is everyone’s responsibility. Cleaning up our neighborhoods and going a little green will help generations to come. Using less water, using your own reusable bag at the store, walking instead of driving, picking up a piece of trash on the beach are all small things that can make a huge difference.

So show kindness. Show love. Show that you care for others and not just your own success. Make the world better one positive action at a time. Slow down for a moment and take a deap breath and remember that we are all going through something and we could be the help someone else has been praying for.


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