Mothers Day!

Mother’s Day is a day we let our mothers know there efforts and long hours do not go unnoticed. We tell them how much we appreciate them and love them.

I know I have heard from some mothers that they reflect on what they have accomplished (or not accomplished) so far and compare themselves to other mothers, and that this can be a very hard day for them.

Well STOP IT! You are you! You are the right mother for your kids! If there are somethings you want to get better at then work on them. But never compare your parenting to another’s. We do what works for us. As long as we are striving to become the best us, that’s good enough.

So enjoy the day! Spend it with those you love and don’t get down!

My mother passed away a few months ago and this has been the hardest week for me since her passing. All the Mother’s Day commercials and advertising has hit me right in the face, a constant reminder (like I don’t think about it constantly) that my mother will not be here this year. I cannot tell her how much I appreciate her making me laugh and always being so forgiving. I cannot give her a big bear hug and ask for all the parenting advice that I still need. I can’t go for our traditional walk and reminisce about all the fun things she did with us as children.

I know she is here and watching over me. And that she knows all those things mentioned above, now more than ever. She knows she is loved.

So on this Mother’s Day, tell your mother how much she means to you. Those of you who are mothers accept those compliments and enjoy all the crazy that is in your life. Because one day the house will be silent and you will wish for just a patter of little feet or dirty hand prints. 

Enjoy your day and know that the world could not keep going without mothers! You are good enough!

With love,


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