What We Do With Today, Really Matters!


Each person has an allotted amount of days in their lives. This amount can be adjusted by how we choose to live and take care of our bodies. But if we only have so many days shouldn’t we be living each one to the fullest? With the number of suicides going up and the average life span going down, over the last few years, each day counts!

How often do we say that can wait for tomorrow? Or I’ll get to it later when I’m not so busy? I will take that trip next year when I have saved up more money? I’ll call them another day when I have more time? We have each said these lines or something similar over time. In our minds our days are endless, but in reality the time ticks by so quickly we can get lost in the hustle and bustle of life, without ever really living.

Life should be an adventure! “The spirit of adventure motivates us to set goals, push ourselves, thrive in the face of hardship, and achieve epic feats.” Richard Branson. “If you’re not having fun then what’s the point?” We should be living each day with joy and happiness and adventure. We live such hectic lives we need to have time when we can let loose and have an adventure. Do something that brings us peace and joy, but also gets us out of our routine.

A great way to start introducing adventure into our daily lives is to start with weekend adventures. Take a road trip, have a night out, go hiking, have a day at the lake, something different from your daily routine, do something that scares you. My husband is always telling my kids they need to try things that scare them (within reason). For example if you are afraid of heights start small by seeing how high you can climb before your fear stops you. Try something new each day to push that fear aside. Work on overcoming that it so that fear won’t hold you back from accomplishing your dreams.

The ultimate goal is to be able to do something adventurous each day. Whether you start your day with something that gets you up and motivated or by ending your day with a little excitement. Push yourself to be the best you, and have some fun in the process!

Touching People’s Life’s 

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." Maya Angelou

How can we touch people's lives in a positive way instead of negative? How can we be that person who helps others up instead of pushing them down?

One thing we need to do is to find happiness in others success. We need to look outside our wants and needs and give to others. We need to think of others feelings. We need to be a better us.

As we go about each day of we could do one small or big thing to help someone else we could touch there life positively. Maybe complimenting someone on their hair or clothing, or a project they did a good job on.

Listening is another thing that lets others know you care. But you really have to listen not just space off in your own thoughts. Care about what they are saying and respond appropriately. Sometimes people need to get something's of their chest. It helps to have someone they can go to that really cares about them.

Spending time with someone. Time is often a hot commodity. We are often running from here to there and it can mean a lot to someone when you take time out of your day for them. Even if you only have a short amount of time the gesture can mean the world.

Give more of yourself. We often hold back in fear of getting hurt. If we let someone really know who we are this can uplift them. It gives them confidence that someone trusts and cares for them.

Learn to care for others more than yourself. We as humans can be extremely selfish at times but we also can be completely selfless. If we can find more time for selflessness we will receive just as those we are serving receive.

Don't judge! When we can love someone just as they are without judgement we can make a huge difference in someone's life.

We should always keep our standards high but that doesn't mean we don't treat everyone with respect and kindness. Every person has a place and reason to be here on this earth. We should always help those around us feel at home and peaceful whenever they are around us.

We can each strive everyday to be better and leave a positive impression on those around us.

Rest and Relaxation

Summer is a time for vacations, family, sun and fun. I’ve noticed as coworkers have taken time off work for various reasons over the last month that they tend to come back more exhausted then when they left. The vacation seems to take more out of us then actual work. Why is this?

Is it because we only get so much time (paid) off work that we feel we have to cram everything into each vacation? Is it that there are so many fun and different things to do we can’t choose? Or is it that we see everyone else on social media doing all these things and we have to keep up?Whatever the reason isn’t there a way to come back to work rested?

I find it difficult to relax. I start thinking of all the things that need to get done. I think that I’m being lazy. I think if I relaxing and others are working it isn’t fair. I have been trying to work on this way of thinking. Because in the end this is why so many people are burned out and exhausted all the time.

We have trained our selves to think we need to be constantly on the move. Never letting anything happen without us there. But as we do this are we really enjoying our time off? Or are we so exhausted we aren’t 100% there. We are still thinking of work, the next project, the next activity or a million other things we have running through our mind. 

How can we truly get rest and relaxation? We have to be present in each thing we are doing. Not just physically there but mentally also. We need to take care of ourselves. We have to make our mental and physical health a priority! 

So as you are planning the rest of your summer remember it’s ok to not hit every tourist attraction across the country in one trip. Take time throughout the year for small vacations or even a weekend away. But get away! Put down the phone and the social media and really look at the beauty that’s around you. Whether that’s nature, family, love, animals and etc.. really look at it with your eyes not through the screen of your phone. 

Take a day to just sit by the pool or read a book. (Don’t tell yourself that you need to pack everything you own to go to the pool for two hours.) Make your life a little more simple. Remember those things you really enjoy and do those things. Make your vacation more relaxing instead of running. Because that’s why you took the vacation in the first place was because you needed to get away. Make a list of priorities and do those things first. 

Love yourself and take care of your mind and body, it’s the only one you will get.

Give it Away

As a society we are in the business of collecting. Collecting money, cars, houses, jewelry, clothes, “toys”, antiques, jobs, things.

Ancient Egyptians believed they could take these collections with them into the next life. Therefore they were buried with their worldly treasures. As they have uncovered these ancient tombs of very wealthy and prestigious Egyptians, all their treasures remain in the tomb with their remains. So I will presume they were unable to take it with them.

Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t collect things that we enjoy and make us happy. We all need things. Money provides us with a roof over our heads, food on our tables and clothes on our backs, but what about those who do not have these luxuries? 

In our fast paced world how often do we stop to think of those less fortunate than us? How often do we donate food to the food bank? Or clothing and blankets to the shelter? What about thinking of those with unhealthy drinking water in third world countries? 

There is so much need in our world for basic supplies that we often take for granted. 

I admit I do not give enough of my time and  property. I want to do better. Because as we work crazy hours and feel the need to have better and more “things”, there are those out there that do not have that option.

I challenge each of you to give a little more of yourselves today then you did yesterday. Think of others more often throughout the day. Give someone a little extra time if that is all you have to offer. Take a less fortunate family a dinner. It doesn’t have to be a solution for homelessness (but if you have a solution that would be awesome!) a small step in the right direction can make a huge difference.

We can’t take our “things” with us so share them with others! You will feel the difference you make!


As I take a minute and look around I notice how much hate and negativity surround us. I wonder what happened to showing respect and kindness? On any social media site you will witness many kinds of disrespect, anger, hate and negativity. I’ve even noticed it when someone is posting something positive, someone will comment with a negative.

We have become a generation that hides behind our phones and computer screens with unkindness. But it isn’t only on social media. I see it driving down the road as people give others a lone finger gesture, or as people yell at each other for cutting them off. And the most devastating road rage that ends in violence all because someone felt the other person offended them with their driving.

It doesn’t stop there as we see shootings on the news or that friends have helped another commit suicide. As quarrels erupt within neighborhoods over property lines or noice ordinances or any other matter of things.

What has happened to us as human beings that we show anger and violence before love and kindness? Instead of patience we show impatience, instead of understanding we show jealousy. Where did respect for human life go?

The only way we can make the world a better and safer place is to start with ourselves. Our attitudes are the start to a magnificent change that could take place. When we quit being the victims and start taking responsibility for our actions we will start to change the world. 

With each kind gesture we make we will be bettering someone else’s life. No matter how small, a positive comment or action can set the ball rolling to a better world. When you want to react with a negative action make a conscious effort to stop it and reroute to kindness. Be happy for peoples success instead of angry because you haven’t progressed as far as you would like. Work on getting to where you want to go while helping others reach their goals also.

Showing respect for people and the world we live in is everyone’s responsibility. Cleaning up our neighborhoods and going a little green will help generations to come. Using less water, using your own reusable bag at the store, walking instead of driving, picking up a piece of trash on the beach are all small things that can make a huge difference.

So show kindness. Show love. Show that you care for others and not just your own success. Make the world better one positive action at a time. Slow down for a moment and take a deap breath and remember that we are all going through something and we could be the help someone else has been praying for.

Familiar with tragedy.

We have all had some kind of tragedy that has touched our lives in one form or another. Not one of us are immune from tragedy or struggles in our lives. But what if you have so much tragedy and trials that you can’t even enjoy the happy times because of the fear of the next thing coming?

What can you do when you have had some many hard times that you can’t seem to find solid ground to rebuild on. When you feel swallowed up in this dark cloud no matter what you do to get to the light.

I am feeling that now. For the last several years we have had one trial after another and I am being weighed down by this unbearable pressure. I want to be happy and go lucky but I am in this mud that is so heavy and I sink a little more each day.

I have many many things to be thankful for and I am thankful for them. I try not to take my family or friends for granted I try and do the things that used to make me happy but I’m not finding that same joy I once felt.

When I was younger there was this man who called me smiley! It made my day when I got to see him and he would say Hey smiley thanks for making my day better. He told my mother once that he had never seen a happier child than me. I was happy! I had all I needed and I was happy! So what happened?

I have been through a lot in my life and for many years the trials and tragedy that entered into my life didn’t seem to affect that smile of mine, but now that’s not the case. I know that I am not the only one that feels this way or who has gone through many trials in there life. I used to take such pride that I could face a problem head on an still keep a positive attitude. I want to be that person again.

But now it’s all I can do to make simple decisions. I can’t focus on things, I get stressed over the tiniest obstacles and I am extremely exhausted! I smile still but not like I used to. 

As I look at myself and my life I realize I’m responsible for my happiness. I can let these trials take my feet out from under me or I can make the best of the situation and learn from it. Some of the best lessons are hard learned. I have two wonderful children who are looking to me for an example of how to hand the struggles of life and I need to show them that even though life hits you hard you can keep moving forward and progress in this life.

It’s ok to have bad days where you need to take a break and cry it out or whatever you do, but we can’t get stuck there. It’s ok to not smile every second of everyday, but you need to smile each day. Place people in your life that are positive and can lift you up. 

Don’t dwell on the negative. Negative thoughts will creep in you have to find a way to be vigilant about getting them out of your mind and replacing them with positive thoughts. Place quotes around your house so you can see them each day and change them out so you have something new each week. 

Help others. When you are depressed or wallowing in self pity it is extremely hard to look past yourself and see others needs. But this is exactly what you need to do. Giving service sends positive signals to our minds that can change our thinking. “When you lose yourself in service you find yourself!” 

Love yourself! This is an very important process and also a very hard one. You have to find your good and worth. You need to know you have something to offer the world! There is a reason you are having these trials. You are strong and become stronger with each trial. God put you where you are for a reason and you are good enough and strong enough to overcome what is placed before you.

Trials and struggles will continue to come. Unfortunately I matter what you do or how good of a person you are you are not immune to trials. This alone can be frustrating. The knowledge that you are struggling now and there is more to come is overwhelming! Take one day at a time. Don’t worry about what hasn’t happened. That’s when you lose the happiness of today.

“Enjoy the little things in life……. for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things” Robert Brauit

Mothers Day!

Mother’s Day is a day we let our mothers know there efforts and long hours do not go unnoticed. We tell them how much we appreciate them and love them.

I know I have heard from some mothers that they reflect on what they have accomplished (or not accomplished) so far and compare themselves to other mothers, and that this can be a very hard day for them.

Well STOP IT! You are you! You are the right mother for your kids! If there are somethings you want to get better at then work on them. But never compare your parenting to another’s. We do what works for us. As long as we are striving to become the best us, that’s good enough.

So enjoy the day! Spend it with those you love and don’t get down!

My mother passed away a few months ago and this has been the hardest week for me since her passing. All the Mother’s Day commercials and advertising has hit me right in the face, a constant reminder (like I don’t think about it constantly) that my mother will not be here this year. I cannot tell her how much I appreciate her making me laugh and always being so forgiving. I cannot give her a big bear hug and ask for all the parenting advice that I still need. I can’t go for our traditional walk and reminisce about all the fun things she did with us as children.

I know she is here and watching over me. And that she knows all those things mentioned above, now more than ever. She knows she is loved.

So on this Mother’s Day, tell your mother how much she means to you. Those of you who are mothers accept those compliments and enjoy all the crazy that is in your life. Because one day the house will be silent and you will wish for just a patter of little feet or dirty hand prints. 

Enjoy your day and know that the world could not keep going without mothers! You are good enough!

With love,